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Sun’s Out, Riding Time

The sun has finally popped out here in the great Pacific Northwest. I made the run from Anacortes to Newhalem yesterday and saw many others on the North Cascades Highway.

Remember that those folks in cars and trucks aren’t used to looking for bikes after a long and soggy spring. Keep YOUR eyes open and down the road. Make yourself as visible as possible when you are riding, hi-viz gear IS a good thing!

Everybody ride safe

Oyster Run 2010

The Oyster Run (ending in Anacortes, WA) for 2010 is September 26. Biggest one day motorcycle event in the Pacific Northwest. Come on out, eat some oysters and see the thousands of bikes that roll into town.

Back on two wheels

Looking like a dry day tomorrow, I think I hear the Kingpin calling. I haven’t been able to do much riding for a few weeks due to a combination of weather and doctors. Weather is looking better, doctors can’t put the kibosh on riding for while.

Sunny Days are here again

Okay, so it might be short lived but we really DO have blue skies and sunshine in the Pacific Northwest this week.

A caution must be put out though. In spite of the pretty view out the window, night and morning can still be cold and perhaps frosty.

Plan ahead and keep your February riding to times when you can avoid the slick, frosty roads. Frost and motorcycles can turn a great day to a very bad day quickly.

Morning Star Riders on Twitter

Morning Star Riders, CMA Chapter 39 of Mount Vernon, WA is now on Twitter follow @MorningStarRdrs

Clean those wheels

Well, the rain has returned for a few days so it’s time to pop down and clean up the bike.

While you are cleaning and polishing all that bike bling, don’t forget to get those wheels clean. The crud from the road and ground down brake linings holds moisture next to your wheels causing corrosion and pitting quicker than you would imagine.

One of the easiest, cheapest and effective cleaners for wheels comes out of the kitchen. Just mix up some grease cutting dishwashing liquid (Dawn or another detergent like it) in a bucket of water and scrub away with a soft brush.
Once you get all the dirt and grime loose, rinse with clear water until all the residue is cleared away. Dry with a soft cloth and be amazed at the great job you just did!

Starting off the Riding Season Early

With our Northwest weather confused this year, take advantage and get out on two wheels if you can.

Remember that most of you haven’t spent a lot of time riding since last fall. Take it easy, riding skills are perishable and have to be refreshed. Trips around town, maybe even just around a parking lot are good ways to start. Tight parking lot turns, slow speed maneuvering can stand a bit of refreshing.

Anyone can point a motorcycle down the freeway and go 70 miles per hour, as long as nothing unexpected happens. Get out there, ride and have fun, but do so safely!

Motorcycle Safety Foundation

For great training and safety resources head over to the MSF website


Checkout the online videos for short training tips!

Toy Run Report

The food and toy run to benefit the upper Skagit folks was a great success. We had 19 very soggy bikers, total of 55 people who managed to fill several SUV’s with food and toys as well as raise $1500+ in cash. Thanks to everyone who came out! If you were not able to make it this year, save a spot on your calendar mid-October 2010.

Morning Star Riders monthly meeting

Monthly dinner meeting for the Morning Star Riders will be Oct 22.
Start time 6:30pm at the Denny’s off College Way in Mount Vernon (that is WA for those out of the area!) Everyone is welcome!