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Using old PC’s

Do you have an old computer sitting in the corner collecting dust? Is that old clunker at least a 486 with 32Mb of RAM? If so, your options broaden, you can of course continue to use the PC as a door stop. You can be friendly and green by recycling it OR even more green, you can match it to a simple task that doesn’t require the latest, greatest or most powerful hardware just to start an operating system.

A few of the possible applications you may want to try are: Web kiosk, Movie machine, MP3 jukebox or home file server.

I suggest that Linux (GNU Linux more properly) an operating system, much like Microsoft’s various flavors of Windows is the best way to leverage that old hardware in these tight times. Linux can be installed to a hard drive, run from a USB memory stick or from a “Live CD/DVD.”

A Live Linux distribution is a CD or DVD that contains a self booting copy of a particular version of Linux, intended to allow testing without installation.

Two worthwhile sources of Live Linux collections are: Distrowatch.com and The Live CD List