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World Vision: Japan Quake and Tsunami Relief

Looking for an folks that already have ‘feet on the ground’ to help with the devastation now in Japan?
I suggest World Vision to be worthy of a recommendation, these are folks that put the money you give into the project you designate.

To give to the World Vision effort in Japan click the link below.

World Vision: Japan Quake and Tsunami Relief.


I was sorely tempted to title this entry Jobless in Seattle but it sounds a little down. So Adventures it is. On Monday of this last week I became a free spirit, a man of leisure, an early retiree, you probably get the picture by now…

Although I could look at recent events in a negative light I choose not to. I figure that I will take a short breather, enjoy time with the family and get a chance to sleep in past 3:30am. Having a little free time to catch up on chores and projects will be a much more enjoyable endeavour than spending time going into the Christmas season working twelve to fourteen hour days!