Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas to one and all!

Upper Skagit Food and Toy Run

Food and Toy Run to benefit the Upper Skagit Christmas Basket Program will be Saturday October 8 this year.

New toys for all ages and non-perishable food is being collected at Skagit Harley in Burlington ahead of time or you can bring to the ride.

Stage at Skagit Harley, leaving for the Howard Miller Steelhead Park in Rockport at 11am. Skagit Harley is at 1337 Goldenrod Rd, Burlington.

We will have lunch and raffle drawing in Rockport.

Sponsored by local motorcyclists, EVERYONE is welcome!

Sun’s Out, Riding Time

The sun has finally popped out here in the great Pacific Northwest. I made the run from Anacortes to Newhalem yesterday and saw many others on the North Cascades Highway.

Remember that those folks in cars and trucks aren’t used to looking for bikes after a long and soggy spring. Keep YOUR eyes open and down the road. Make yourself as visible as possible when you are riding, hi-viz gear IS a good thing!

Everybody ride safe

April Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has announced a record 64 ‘fixes’ for this weeks Patch Tuesday

Morse Code Online

For those that want to try to learn old school digital (morse code) try DJ1YFK’s site Learn CW Online

World Vision: Japan Quake and Tsunami Relief

Looking for an folks that already have ‘feet on the ground’ to help with the devastation now in Japan?
I suggest World Vision to be worthy of a recommendation, these are folks that put the money you give into the project you designate.

To give to the World Vision effort in Japan click the link below.

World Vision: Japan Quake and Tsunami Relief.

Oyster Run 2010

The Oyster Run (ending in Anacortes, WA) for 2010 is September 26. Biggest one day motorcycle event in the Pacific Northwest. Come on out, eat some oysters and see the thousands of bikes that roll into town.

Solar Data

Thanks to Paul Herrman, N0NBH you can now find current solar data on the right side of this page.

Back on two wheels

Looking like a dry day tomorrow, I think I hear the Kingpin calling. I haven’t been able to do much riding for a few weeks due to a combination of weather and doctors. Weather is looking better, doctors can’t put the kibosh on riding for while.

Sunny Days are here again

Okay, so it might be short lived but we really DO have blue skies and sunshine in the Pacific Northwest this week.

A caution must be put out though. In spite of the pretty view out the window, night and morning can still be cold and perhaps frosty.

Plan ahead and keep your February riding to times when you can avoid the slick, frosty roads. Frost and motorcycles can turn a great day to a very bad day quickly.